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Subject Development 3.0

Subject Development 3.0

Blue Tomato, a fashionable snowboard retailer, has been a highly regarded member of the European board sport scene for years. To live up to this reputation on the opening of its first outlet in the sporting mecca of Innsbruck, special attention was given to the ambiance and its realization. An air-conditioning concept for the Anichstrasse store, which is located in the prime shopping quarter of Innsbruck, was developed right at the outset and the necessary installation work carried out. Its positive experiences had already convinced Blue Tomato to invest in a system back in 2017, so a TOSHIBA VRF with ceiling and cassette units was installed by Edmund Sparer Klima & Kältetechnik GmbH. The installation of the external components presented a particular problem on this style-driven project. Following extensive consultations, they were eventually installed by a specialist company on the roof of the building. Innovative air-conditioning solutions sometimes require going beyond the strict limits of the business premises!


  • Trendy Snowboard-Fashion-Retailer in Innsbruck
  • Reconstruction in 2017

Air conditioning technology, planning and installation

EDMUND SPARER Klima & Kältetechnik GmbH
Ampass, Austria

+43 512 393011

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