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TOSHIBA in server rooms

TOSHIBA in server rooms

A 12 m2 server room is being kept at a constant temperature during 24h continuous operation using a TOSHIBA air conditioning system. The system being used offers maximum reliability.


The server rack gives off 5 kW of heat. The server room has to be cooled 24/7 with the highest reliability because a room temperature over 35°C can affect sensitive equipment.

A constant temperature of 22 to 25°C is recommended because equipment can malfunction otherwise and this will also lower the service life of the server device fan. In addition, dehumidification should be prevented so that the air conditioning system can operate efficiently.

The solution


Two Super Digital Inverter outdoor units for maximum reliability at outdoor temperatures of up to –20 °C. Two systems with 7.1 kW of cooling capacity and space-saving ceiling units – for 100 % redundancy and high sensible capacity with minimum dehumidification. The TOSHIBA redundancy box ensures safety and functional transparency.


The redundancy box can be controlled from all web browsers. Display of error and operating messages.


The Super Digital Inverter combination delivers the best efficiency values: SEER value 6.21, A++.


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