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Compact, affordable, environmentally friendly – heating & cooling with ESTIA Monobloc

ESTIA for your company

The ESTIA Monobloc air to water heat pump combines efficient hot and cold water preparation in one compact unit.

Estia Monobloc absorbs natural heat from the air, lowering costs and reducing CO2 emissions. It is ideally suited to cost-effective heating and cooling, as well as hot water generation for small business premises, hotels, offices, medical practices, shops, and private residences.

Space-saving installation with minimal effort required – perfect for new constructions, a renovation project, or in combination with existing heating systems.


• Heating and cooling

• Domestic hot water generation

• Can be combined with existing heating systems

• Compatible with almost all fan coil units

Extremely simple installation

• Plug & Play operation

• Only water/power connection required

• Flexible IN/OUT control

• Unit and hydronic module in one system

Technology that delivers

Broad application range

Hot water up to +60°C, even at frosty outdoor temperatures of -10°C, cold water +5°C also at very high outdoor temperatures of up to + 45°C.

Variable water pump

The speed-regulated water pump works efficiently at a static pressure of up to 100 kPa.

Extremely quiet operation

The TOSHIBA twin-rotary compressor ensures maximum mechanical stability and ultra-quiet running of the units.

Connection and building control system

A connection to the available building control system can be established via BACnet® or Lonworks®.

Integrated hydronic module

The compact hydronic module includes a water pump, plate heat exchanger, and expansion tank.

Flexible master/slave solution

Increase in performance due to master/slave combination of up to four units in one overall system.

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