Toshiba – eine Erfolgsstory

TOSHIBA - A Success Story

The beginnings of the global corporation reach back to the previous century, when Japan threw itself into the adventure of industrialisation. It was the year of 1939, when a producer of electrical light fixtures (Tokyo Electric Company) and another producer from the high voltage equipment field (Shibauro Electric Company) came together and founded the TOKYO SHIBAURO ELECTRIC COMPANY. Already back then, people on the inside liked to call the company TOSHIBA. However, it wasn?t until 1978 that the name was officially introduced.

The strong economic growth after the Second World War prompted the Japanese, among other things, to follow the American model and also build air conditioners. Already in the 1950?s, the first Japanese products were introduced to the market and gained praise for their innovation.

In 1961 Toshiba presented to the world the first split air conditioning unit ? a system where the indoor and outdoor units are only connected by copper piping. This is how Toshiba took on the role of the ?innovator? and it is still able to lead the market up to this day, benefitting people and the environment with its far-reaching inventions.

TOSHIBA ? A Success Story