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Here you will find all technical data, according to the regulation, each manufacturer is required to publish.

ErP Directive

The European Union sets ambitious goals in terms of climate protection, which should be achieved by 2020. We also speak of the 20/20/20-objectives that compared to 1990 emphasise the use of 20% more renewable energy, but at the same time to reduce primary energy consumption by 20% and CO2 emissions by 20%.

In order to achieve these goals the ErP Directive has been adopted. Products are classified and categorized within new energy classes. With this policy a political instrument has been created to support resource-saving and energy-efficient product designs.

At the beginning of 2013, regulations come into effect, organized in the Implementing Regulation (EU) 206/2012, which implement the requirements of the ErP Directive 2009/125 EC for room air conditioners up to 12 kW cooling capacity.


Why does air conditioning fall into the ErP Directive?

Which energy classes are there?

How does the new energy efficiency label looks like?

What does the new figures SEER and SCOP mean?

Why are there three climate zones to evaluate the efficiency in heating mode?

When does the new ErP Directive became effective?