Toshiba – Die häufigsten Vorurteile gegen Klimaanlagen

The most common misconceptions about air conditioners...

Air conditioners make you sick...

Air conditioners make you sick

Sure, if one sits in front of a blowing air conditioner all day that is set to 17° C, then under circumstances one can catch a cold. That is why during the design of the unit the correct output level and optimal installation location are already taken into consideration, so that drafts can be avoided in the places where people spend their time. The correct setting and use of the unit is also important in order to make use of all the benefits an air conditioner has to offer. Take the following points for example: The set temperature should be at least 7° C below the outside temperature. The desired climate is not reached by the cooling of the air alone but also strongly determined by the dehumidification of moist air. The vents should be positioned in such a way that they do not blow directly against a person. Optimal results are achieved when the cool air is blown out along the ceiling as much as possible.


Air conditioners are bacteria slingers...

Air conditioners are bacteria slingers

Modern air conditioners such as those from Toshiba are equipped with excellent filter systems and a special self-cleaning function, so that bacteria and spores do not have a chance to make themselves comfortable in the appliances.
The air drawn in is purified in several steps. Different filters are installed in the units depending on the model. The large plastic filters, which cover the entire heat exchanger, and the electrically operated filter collectors can be simply washed with soapy water. The self-cleaning function was specifically designed to prevent mould formation due to too much humidity in the indoor unit. An internal fan ensures that the heat exchanger dries completely, thereby robbing bacteria of a site for growth.


Air conditioners are loud...

Air conditioners are loud

There might be a lot of air conditioners on the broad market which are loud and thereby very disturbing. However, at Toshiba the highest emphasis is put on low-noise operation during appliance development. Activate the "Quiet" button on a Toshiba air conditioner and the unit switches to a super-low fan speed, guaranteeing whisper quiet comfort specifically for your living area!



Air conditioners eat up electricity...

Air conditioners eat up electricity

Toshiba air conditioners definitely do not eat up electricity, since the units are designed as heat pumps and are all equipped with energy saving inverters. What's the big benefit? Inverters regulate the supply in respect to actual need, producing only as much power as is necessary so that no energy is wasted. Toshiba is the leader in terms of energy efficiency and achieves the highest efficiency levels throughout its entire product range ? especially in the partial load, where air conditioners are running up to 95 % of total operating hours!

How about an example?
A Super Daiseikai with a 2.5 kW capacity achieves a 5.12 EER! That means that a power consumption of under 500 watts is needed for a 2.5 kW cooling capacity performance (equal to five light bulbs).